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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 19, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> tonight there is concern over the type of pipe chevron plans to use. that broke last august, causing a huge fire at the richmond refinery. dan kerman reports, federal
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investigators are not convinced that chevron is using the best available technology. this chemical safety board has issued a subpoena to chevron. they have to answer it these specific decisions about the decision making process of the cost one type of pipe instead of the other. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in the letter about the concern they say that there is a 9 percent chromium steel alloy will work the best and it is concerned about stainless steel being more susceptible to stress corrosion. >> in bay area news, this 65 year-old woman. the suspect is only 14 years old. we
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are getting a photographs. this is one of them caviar king. they are going to try him as an adult. if kaviar.. king he approached the woman, it kidnapped her, sexually assaulted her and she was left on the side of the road which was found hours later. the suspect was found when he went back to the crime scene. and he did not seem impactive that he could be
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>> the oakland police officers to the union is criticizing the department's leadership that, as a judge gets ready to decide weather to hand over control of the force to federal this is from may 2003 misconduct settlement. when a rookie officer accused four veteran officers, known as " the writer's " of beating suspects, planting drugs, and making unjustified arrests. >> not to adjust to the police department accountability needs to be objective for the entire system. we're talking about this is a nine or 10 year old process to get compliance. and to think the ran rank of a police officer is really misguided. nobody has said that but certainly that is the implication what we did not want to do was leave those allegations, suggestions and non- answered. it is our his stand up for the honor, the most difficult city in understaffed. there out - manned and is a war zone if
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you look of the numbers. we want to help fix the people step up respect accept responsibility. >> oakland police were ordered to make reforms but later, like to say thisand- file officers are the jean quan was contacted it but not enough only still pictures were allowed in >> terisa estacio court during kaviar kings. appearance with-his feet and hands were shackled. he seemed to relax as the judge announced bail set at $4.5 kidnapping , rape, attempted murder, prosecutors announced that there will be trying him as an adult because the violent nature of the crime. if convicted he could face life in prison. it was hereat this vallejo shopping center last week that police said the 14 year-old approached the drive several miles away he sexually assaulted her as well as speaker. leaving her on conscience. they say the victim's family was when they went to the scene for of the crime king returned and they arrested showed up at the hearing, 8:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m., terisa >> has this child been in trouble with the law before? and they had no answer for me, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> this robbery, carjacking,the muff it $20,000 reward offered in a violent crime spree. one left is it dead. and one police officer is hurt. >> the question is what level are people going to be rims and decided that they would take his car.
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>> troy mccartney..mccartney fought back tears as he visited a memorial here as this 7-eleven. keieley boulevard where his nephew, 22 year-old - oldparkpettiford was shot and killed friday. >> he was doing what any of us do. which is stopping a convenience station for a soft-drink, cup of coffee >> at a city hall news conference monday police and the mayor, chuck reed announced a $20,000 their leading to the capture of the man in this sketch described as a hispanic male, 20-25 years old, 180 lbs., wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, the second a dawson willbans. was a string of armed robberies at gas stations and convenience stores. ending in a gunbattle with police during which one officer was shot but escaped serious injury, a barely saved by a metal based bottler victim of flowers and condolences on the sidewalks of the 711. >> san jose, rob fladeboe come
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>> both teams are starting with out their quarterbacks. jim harbaugh is also back on the sidelines after having a heart procedure on thursday. charles clifford is live at candlestick park. for the fans are taking in the big game. charles? >> this is a live look at candlestick park is in the fourth quarter 31-7. it 30-7 is the score right now. but it has been a beautiful day at candlestick with a lot of tailgating. take a look. they are outside they came prepared, there was food, flat, foods and more food. this guy with an orange mohawk. but what nobody did have was a starting quarterback. alex smith was out, cutler was out. tonight was a battle of the back of
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some fans on both sides went in with a lot of confidence. >> the call this a game of backups but i think that the 49ers have been pulling down to their opponents. there will play up to them this time it. >> to me it is a battle. it is all going to be about the turnovers. >> we are going to kill it all day. i do not care about the concussions, we are going to kill it all day, the bears are going to go down. >> off the game is getting close to wrapping up. if you recall there was a monday night football with power outages. you'd be happy to note that all the knights have all lights have stayed on all night. if charles clifford, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: we did see some of mostly sunny skies with changes the satellite and radar showing increasing cloud coverage for the bay area this evening. north of the golden gate but we are seeing partly cloudy conditions and the rain
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pushing into northern california. the tail and is pushing slowly over the west coast. we will see rainfall for tomorrow. the futurecast pinpointing showers and north of the golden gate in early tomorrow. spotty shower activity as we go towards 9:00 p.m. that is where the bulk of the shower activity will remain. there is a slight chance that there could be showers near the san mateo coast we will see more least mostly dry conditions with the span of rainfall by 9:00 and moving into the north bay by 11:00. and even overnight on tuesday. we will time it out on futurecast and look at your thanksgiving forecast, coming up. >> believe it or not we are seeing that people are already lining up for black friday. we will go live and
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also, this rally in san francisco as the demand releasing this man who is facing deportation. >> if you own a dog you have two different choices, a kennel or you have to ask your friends and family however, there is a great internet startup coming up in my next report.
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>> people are still already trying to take advantage. of black friday deals, kron4's reggie kumar is live outside of the best buy in ped--- pinole. there are 15 people in line behind me. the people that i talked to this woman i spoke to
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lavone.. she says that if this is an event that she does every year. she always cam's out for the past eight years but she is not alone. she says that her daughter's counted this site out on sunday and each family member takes turns. when one of them has to work or go to class she is in line for the television. it is the 40- inch. $179 and a laptop. $ 349. i asked her if spending the night at five nights is worth it. we like to be out here in to get good bargains. and also, we have other people out here and we also purchase televisions
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for people that cannot afford. and we will go to a taco bell after the close. >> and i think that best buy is nice enough to use the restroom. and coming up at 11:00 p.m. we will speak to a woman that is spending the night out here to get these black friday deals. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> this immigrants of rights group is facing deportation. jesus diego has lived here since he was for but he has been in custody for the last two months. why is he being held. thousands are rallying for his release. >> (free jesus) >> they are on the steps of the immigration. >> he is not a criminal we are his family and we want him home.
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>> abigail is his cousin and it is not been easy. >> it has been really hard on our family it really has but we have faith. i hope that he comes out soon. >> he has been a role model for me he would teach you what is good, bad and i pretty much grew up with him and i grew up and live with them for about 10 years. >> in 1998 the family received an order of deportation. it was not until 2008, that it would catch up. >> he is a good person. he would help with my family with money and school. >> he graduated from independence high school and he was working at a metal shop. he wanted to join the marines and he hopes that he can still be met the attorney is going to keep fighting. however, there is no happy ending and 40 of
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the clock is ticking. >> the family is suffering every day i can hear it in their questions, and their tone. how much longer is it going to take and i do not have answers for them. san francisco, kron 4. >> the rainfall returning as we go towards tuesday. showers north of the golden gate. and there could be some more rain continuing. drier conditions and la the thanksgiving looking decent. sunny, mild. and first, let us talk about that rainfall. we are seeing cloudy conditions in the south of the golden gate this system will be pressing towards northern california. and for the records northern california it could take a bit longer. the futurecast
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by midnight is for the showers will be confined by 6:00 p.m., the showers with of of the golden gate with a slight chance of rainfall over san francisco. and as we go towards 10:00 p.m. but most of those showers will stick to the north. as to go for the evening commute mostly dry conditions and later, the tail end of the system that will press through. even more moderate through santa rosa and moving through napa, vallejo, towards the golden gate park to pm, near the 4:00 hour the largest portion of our system will move through while we are sleeping. and mostly dry conditions with the chance of rain showers. as for temperatures around tomorrow, 60s. near the coast and for the north bay. for the inland valleys. 65 degrees in san jose. for the sierras, not a lot of
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snowfall. in fact, the rainfall, the wind with temperatures in the 50s. with the rainfall approaching wednesday, lake level could reach 50 m.p.h. and for the ridges, wince at 100 m.p.h.. and again, showers. the wind-speed 100 m.p.h. of their rage level. drier conditions. and rdige.. level 100 m.p.h., coming up later in this broadcast the newest forty- niners quarterback look out. the highlights from candlestick. and the warriors they also good for a well. the forty-niners, the warriors, side by side, later in this broadcast.
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>> if you have a dog? this
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is our start of of the week. >> you have two choices, to request a friend of family member or you have to pay for an expensive kennel. now, there is a new internet start of is getting a lot of buzz and it is cheaper than a kennel is free to have an account on dog vacay they can find a local border through the website. they check them out and hand check them making sure that it is a safe. with the emergency room availability and 24/7 customer support on the phone making it easy. today, the official participant. >> we started doing this relief for just some companionship. it was fun to have dogs around and it was a nice way of having a pet
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without having the long term commitment and actually we started to make some nice entertainment money and it is always nice to have that. >> this takes 15% and the rest goes to the border. >> for less than 80 cattle, it is more personal attention and less containment. for less than a-kennel -- and also when we a 3-4 different dogs we still have a lot of one-on- one personal toll on him. >> and i am also point to give away copies of this holiday copy nps 3 limited edition is also available for pc computers in the android and apple. is perfect for any one that likes car racing and arcade style action. go to " enter to win
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>> our top stories are reporting on weather or not a chevron is using the best available technology that it should be using stainless steel. however, chevron wants to help speed up the repairs. if >> also, in court the 14 year-old, kavier king is being held on a $4.5 million bail and charged abduction and rape of a woman. and
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also, this shooting of a san jose police officer and an attempted carjacking. one suspect is in custody. today is the 24th anniversary of michaela garecht who was only 9 years old when she was snapped in front of mission boulevard in hayward. that is where maureen kelly attended the vigil. (music) >> this song was from his 24 year-old brother when his sister went missing and people tight ribbons around the tree where she was lured to a car. some of these were inscribed and messages and the mother's message was " i love you forever ". more uncertainty is under this memorial. >> this could be the last year that we do this. the investigators are waiting for dna tests from a bone fragment from the san walking well linked to the
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speed freak killers. they were convicted of killing four people and it is expecte of inspec >> investigators say that this bone fragment is from a child. >> this kidnapping has been devastating. and if she was in a situation where she was probably being abused, unhappy, scared or not been a light either scenario is extremely difficult. >> no matter what the test results reveal. i will still be here because i do this to remember michaela garecht >> kron 4.
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>> they're ripping delays in testing that bone fragments the evidence has been sent to and out of state facility is on its way back to california. >> there are some technologies of there that are extractin the dna from bone, extractions. that is what the delay is. >> investigators expect to have results is not on the results because she is not quite ready to know the answers and as a bishop has issued an apology for allowing a registered sex offender onto school grounds last month. mark gurries. was recognized by
8:34 pm
someone at the festival as a sex offender. he was interested but was escorted off campus. >> also, there will be no charges facing the oakland who seemed to be wearing a suspicious watch, and jeffrey mick ganno--mcgann of rancho palos verdes ws arrested after airports security spotted a suspicious looking wristwatch that looked like it had an explosive tie also, a standoff between a man and a police in san jose today, the man refused to come down from the roof of a bus. he was armed with a screwdriver. this was at first street and keyes st
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also, in san francisco city supervisors are set to vote tomorrow on an ordinance that would ban it ended the in most public places. the proposal by a supervisor, scott wenner would make exceptions for permitted street fairs, and parades as well as. after constituents complained about the naked men. the ban sparked new protests and a lawsuit. >>jacqueline: we are going to see some precipitation activity with a slow-moving system. through organ, and even some shower activity to the north bay, overnight and the state of-oregon. it will be dry and the south but this next round of rainfall will be in the evening on
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tuesday. the entire-bay area and with drier conditions expected for your thanksgiving holiday. with the weekend, coming up. >> in oakland, they have lost a lot of their belongings and a fire got some help and it came from people did not even know. daniel villareal. reports. >> this good samaritan was caught this dictum by surprise. >> she was so moved. >> i brought you some items for your baby. >> issue was so moved that
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people are helping. >> thanksgiving is only in two days and i do not even have made panda to make my ham and and people are thinking about me. and putting me out there so i really it is a blessing. i do not even have -- cove whe pans it makes me feel good to help. >> they are still trying to regroup from their loss of their belongings but this could is american planned on coming back. >> coming up, these three hours of my life that i will >> coming [ laughter ]ree [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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>> the jackie sissel emily stocks had their best day since the election, market watchers are citing optimism about a deal to avoid the so-called physical click on tax increases and government spending the dow jones connote gaining--200 points, nasdaq, was up 63 also, it looks like there could be a
8:41 pm
possible resolution for the 20. hostess in its second largest union will go into mediation. the maker of twinkies and other snack foods won't be going out of business just yet. the company is in bankruptcy but there is a possible solution with the bakers also, there is more than 300,000 homeowners have received a $26 billion in relief under the terms of the foreclosure abuse settlement. the government says five of the country's largest banks, bank of america, j.p. morgan chase, wells fargo, citibank. modified loans, reduced interest rates a also, it looks as though facebook is getting a little slower for many people is in the
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process of moving its users in north america to a type of internet connection it's not as fast, but more secure. that means that soon you will start using http connection as opposed to tpp ttp. and sports is next
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>> : now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> i literally count on one hand of how many times i've been in an altercation with a celebrity. this, the event that started one hour late was one of the most bizarre events for me, ever. there were fights, and people fighting because there were fights and. and people are like why are you fighting because they are fighting. at one point a heckler was tossed out. as they walked him by meet a small man jumped over me to get to that heckler in that small man was kat williams. this is one i wish i had a video camera but i have the help of you tube. at one point hesingle broke woman... and one even the security guards were going for the
8:45 pm
wadded up $100 bills and one wman got trapped with no one helping her. were being involved when it's the performance was throwing $100 bills. cat williams it did what we thought was a lead into his routine and talking about getting arrested and how he felt of the stadium when the warriors could not an attractive but taking everyone's money. and he went on a rant that nobody could understand. and the crowd began b began boo.. there was even a point when he started to try to fire his deejays. and even one of the event personnel a told kat needed to wrap it up of but he hinted that even--hitted planner on top
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of the head it however, it turned out to be a kat tastrophe... this has turned into three hours of my life that i will never be able to get back. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>jacqueline: just when you thought that rainfall was leaving, it is making a quick return but it will impact the entire bay. the good news is that thanksgiving looks nice. sunny skies, mild temperatures as would take a look outside at the satellite is well to the north of us. with clouds streaming in. heavy still
8:47 pm
however, through the state of oregon. yin showers in the north bay, by midnight but by 6:00 p.m., those could be continuing to notice the bulk of the shower activity. a slight chance of rainfall but there could be mostly dry conditions for the evening commute. the rain will be approaching impacting the entire bay area and by 10:00 a.m., it will be pressing self this is a quick moving system. pressing south.. as for temperatures tomorrow there will stay in the 60s. 60s in richmond, and upper 60s for the inland valleys. 67 degrees in livermore. as for the sierras, we're not going to see any snowfall at the floor elevations, there
8:48 pm
will be well above 7,000 ft.. the lake level, 50s. and the wind speed however, are going to be strong. gusting at like level at 50 m.p.h., but the ricdge at 100 m.p.h.! showers moving in for tuesday and wednesday. that will be impacting the entire bay area with dry conditions wednesday. the good news is that sunny, mild on thanksgiving. >> good evening, everybody how many times can you lose your starting back quarterback and we play better? his first start. now, he is a backup and the chicago getting thrown
8:49 pm
around by and here is 57 yds kaepernick and alex smith did not pass the concussion test. he was free to roam attend-nothing, and then 14 yds, san francisco leads what was supposed to do a pretty decent game with a 17-nothing but here comes smith. this is why he got a little bit of a scrape here, a scrape there, and kaeper nick and finally finds crabtree with 243 yerd and
8:50 pm
poor smith is in a strange poition.. the entire team responded to kaepernick and - // and saints on the road and kaepernick ... >> a rally was not that a nervous i have had a lot of time with the offense. quite teammates were carried around me giving me support. >> who gave you the best advice? >> probably my dad. he said just go out and play your game. that is what you have to do.
8:51 pm
>> do you think that you are going to be starting next week? >> i do not know. >> and i was joking that if he plays well tonight the 49ers could have a victory. i will not even have to show up. but it is kaepernick or smith and jackie is fantastic and friday brian van aiken and how do you feel.. >> he did me a favor! i am grateful. amonwhat is nice is that it is a difficult position. you do not want to
8:52 pm
rule against. and jim harbaugh their old team looked great saturday, stanford and david shaw no. 2, oregon in eugene they do not play unless instant replay his right shoulder down and look how close his kick is...- and prev number 2 oregan, stanford, oregon ....and this without
8:53 pm
barkley, it is going to be pretty difficult for usc read and matt partly come ruled out. and how bad did maryland blood to join the b10 joined-how bad they want to join that? big ? they had to pay $50 million to leave however, the big powerhouse schools. they will pay $50 million to join the big tent. and a nice victory harrison barnes. already saying that he is a rookie of the year candid it. and
8:54 pm
we all make our predictions. 31 points, nine assists. and curry penetreates to david lee and when we come back the most winningest coach of all times is to buy.
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